"I am writing to express my sincere thanks for the help you have given me in the past three weeks. After more than two years of going through gall bladder tests and taking Zantac, Caufate, Dannatol and Libeox, I still couldn’t get relief. After your examination and working on the area I have had such relief. I can honestly say I’d have never believed that I’d feel this way again. Now I sleep all night without waking up with that awful feeling in my stomach.”

Mrs. Tachine, Staten Island, NY

“In October/November 1999, I was diagnosed by my internist and allergist as having dermatographism (constant hives and itching)… I was told that this condition was incurable and antihistamines were prescribed… Dr. Rubenstein identified certain foods that I reacted to and recommended reducing/eliminating such foods from my diet.  Dr. Rubenstein additionally suggested that I ingest daily certain nutritional supplements… We additionally worked to detoxify my liver by taking a nutritional supplement, and, performed a comprehensive blood analysis to ascertain both IgE and IgG allergies which resulted in the indication of other foods to be avoided.  To the extent possible, I reduced/eliminated intake of these foods.  We further conducted a comprehensive stool analysis to ascertain my digestive system functions.  As the analysis indicated the presence of varying levels of both good and bad bacteria, as well as other digestive markers such as enzyme levels.  Dr. Rubenstein provided me with additional digestive aid supplements…  As a result of taking these supplements, in addition to holistic and chiropractic care administered by Dr. Rubenstein on a regular basis, the frequency and severity of the hives and dermatographism had decreased and eventually, over the course of last year, I began to rely less on the antihistamines which I had been taking daily.  I now have been off the antihistamines for the last two months, and have not had any of the symptoms associated with hives/dermatographism.”

Steve Fischman, Plainview, NY

“Last January I  became very sick and unable to hold down food without vomiting.  After suffering with this condition for almost a month I finally decided that this was lasting too long to be a lingering stomach flu and I began my long, fruitless journey to the doctors to try to find out what was wrong.  The doctor was convinced that from the symptoms I  described, it was a stomach ulcer.  When a blood test for H-pylori bacteria came out negative, I was sent for an endoscopy, which also came out negative for ulcers.  What happened next was quite an eye opener for me about the limits traditional medicine.  Having been unable to prove the initial diagnosis of an ulcer(because it wasn’t), it suddenly became “functional” which was never really explained to me but I think is a catch all phrase for “we have no idea….and it’s probably all in your head anyway”.  I was given Paxil, an antidepressant, which I was told would work with my body chemistry to fix the vomiting.  What I wasn’t told was that vomiting and dizziness are major side effects of Paxil, and given that I was at this point barely able to stand up from near starvation from not holding food down, the Paxil took a terrible toll on my body.  After just one day on it my husband found me passed out, face down in our hallway where I had blacked out and fainted after a bad vomiting episode, needless to say, I never took Paxil again.  Now the response from the doctors was “Well if you won’t take the medicine we’re giving you to get better, how can we possibly help you?”…  When an old friend recommended Dr. Craig Rubenstein to me I was skeptical but I was also desperate for someone to help me.  The quality of my life was  drastically compromised by the weakness, the constant stomach pain, the embarrassment of needing to throw up all the time(sometimes in public) and the fear of eating anything at all because digestion was such a painful ordeal.  Well, Dr Rubenstein not only helped me, but he helped me right away. After my first session with him I felt better for the first time since I had been sick and when I got home I started to cry because I was so happy and relieved now that I had finally found someone who was taking me seriously and was going to take my sickness on and help me heal. Dr. Rubenstein didn’t make me “prove” to him that I was sick, he believed me right off the bat, and he treated me with respect, what I never got from the traditional medical doctors.  Now I’ve been going to him for almost six months and my stomach functions almost as well as it had before I got sick and I’m able to enjoy my life again.  I would recommend Dr. Rubenstein to anyone who is looking to improve their health… Dr. Rubenstein is truly a healer.”

Rose Seeman, Brooklyn,  NY

“The pain in my lower back plagued me for about one week.  One day I decided to walk to Granny Road and seek the advice of Dr. Craig.  You started the adjustments on me and the pain began to subside gradually.  Today I am back to my former self, free of pain.

I also found your office to be pleasant and efficient.  Thank you Dr. Craig.”

Rosemarie Cerulli, Medford, New York

“I have been plagued with allergies for twenty years until you started treating me. Before your treatments I managed my allergies with mostly over the counter antihistamines and sometimes prescription drugs such as Hismanal, Seldane, and Claritin. While these would help if I took them daily, at times no amount could control the sneezing and watery eyes”.

“For two years you treated my allergies. After the first month they were under control using the supplements you supplied. Last year I didn’t require any supplements or treatments. Thus far this year I have been symptom free as well.”

“I whole heartedly recommend you to any people I know who are suffering from allergies. Some have been receiving allergy shots for years and others try the prescription drugs. While some are slow to try something different, I am certain they would experience the same type of results that I did and would be better off than they are currently”.

Reverend Bruce A. Nathan, Medford, New York

“After having worked for Dr. Rubenstein and seeing how he cared for his patients and how well they did under his care when I was in a car accident I decided to now see him for my injuries. Not only am I 80% better in less than 2 months, but another problem that I had with my hands that had been plaguing me for quite some time went away after my second treatment.

I highly recommend Dr. Rubenstein to any of my condominium neighbors who are in pain or have other unresolved health problems. I seen people with rheumatoid arthritis, stomach problems, allergies and more benefit from his eclectic approach that includes nutrition, acupressure and chiropractic care”

Jane Kaskel, Medford, New York

“After three days of achiness and stabbing pains that began after twisting wrong, I decided to see Dr. Rubenstein. This was my worst episode of low back pain that I ever had.

Although Dr. Rubensteins methods were different than anything I had previously experienced I was back on the golf course after just five visits and after the sixth treatment I felt 100%.

Bernard Rubin, Medford, New York

“After three weeks of sharp low back pain I was referred by some friends to see Dr. Rubenstein. I could hardly sit for any length of time and had to stand to reduce the pain. During my first treatment Dr. Rubenstein told me I might be sore for a day or two after the treatment and I was, but after the second treatment three weeks of pain was gone.”

Bruce Katlin,  New York,  NY

“I have had a chronic problem with sciatica. This last episode started about two and a half months ago. Since I had a few trips planned that required a lot of hours sitting in a car or on a plane, I decided I better see Dr. Rubenstein. After just a few weeks of treatments I was able to go on all my trips with a minimum amount of discomfort, and now I am one hundred percent better.”

Florence Turner, Medford, New York

“Over the past few years I have seen Dr. Rubenstein for a number of problems. When I first visited him it was for serious digestive problems that began after taking tetracyclin. My medical doctor’s suggestions were not helping so I consulted Dr. Rubenstein. In a short period of time I was feeling much better and on the rare occasion that I have some digestive complaints I make an appointment and usually we are able to resolve the problem in one visit. At one point Dr. Rubenstein told me that it appeared that I was having ovary problems so I checked it out and sure enough I had problems with both ovaries. Dr. Rubenstein was able to help me with the cystic ovary but the other required surgery. He has also helped me manage my hiatal hernia without needing medication. Of-course I have had some pain problems that he has also helped me with in short periods of time. I would suggest him to anyone with health concerns especially if medical options aren’t working well or if you just prefer a natural approach.

Fran Cody, Nesconset  NY

“After a lot of gardening, I began to experience lower back pain that continued to get worse and then radiated down my right leg.  The pain was sharp and pinching and my right leg became weak.  It was so bad, that I was unable to work for a few days.  I decided to call Dr. Rubenstein who had helped me in the past.

 After my first visit, I began improving.  By my third visit, I was at least 75% better and since a medical doctor had previously suggested surgery, I am glad I chose to see Dr. Rubenstein.  Now I am left with only mild stiffness that I expect to be relieved with a few more visits to Dr. Rubenstein.  If you are in pain, I would suggest giving him a try.”

Lillian Dolcimascola, RN - Bretton Woods, Coram, New York

“After a month of having numbness into my left arm I decided to see Dr. Rubenstein. After my second visit the numbness was gone, but the neck pain that had plagued me for 16 years was still present. After having a seizure (which I have from time to time) I realized my neck was even worse. When I told Dr. Rubenstein about this he re-examined me realizing that my brain function was imbalanced.  He changed his treatments and after another two visits, 16 years of neck pain was gone.”

Brian Nigro, Riverhead, NY

“If it weren’t for Dr. Rubenstein, without a doubt I would be in a wheelchair right now, in constant pain from Rheumatoid Arthritis.  But, as a team, we brought me back to an asymptomatic state, it took time and help from others. I have enjoyed skiing, hiking an even a 100 mile bike ride since being treated by him.

Some of the things I appreciate the most about him is his open-mindedness, letting his patients try other holistic healing approaches and how supportive he is of all your efforts to get well. Because he is always gaining new knowledge, I say that Dr. Rubenstein is the consummate professional.”

Lucy Burrows, Shoreham  NY

We just wanted to send a note to tell you that we really appreciate all of the time and help that you’ve give to us. You are a very special person and a very caring doctor.

Peter and Tina Preiskeit, Queens, New York

Since you have been treating me for a yeast infection, the heavy discharge that I had been experiencing has completely disappeared. Also, I notice that I am no longer as fatigued as I have been when the infection was rampant in my system. Thank you for all that you have done to remedy this uncomfortable condition.

Barbara C. Baster, Queens, New York

“I’d like to thank you for the work you’ve done to improve my allergies and asthma. For years now, I’ve had hayfever type symptoms in September leading to asthmatic wheezing and tightening towards winter. Last year I had a severe asthma attack in November. I took a prescribed asthma medicine, Umphyl, and used an inhalator. Both made me very nervous and I was unable to sleep. I started seeing you in December and you tested and treated my allergies. I went on a no yeast diet for 6 weeks, removed some allergens from my environment and continued to receive denisthhetic treatments from you.

“Some people feel it is easier to just pop a pill to relieve symptoms. It does take a team effort by you and me. But because of your care, I feel that for the first time I have control over asthma.”

Diane Shatles, Queens, New York

“Last spring I developed allergies. I would get very bad sneezing attacks, watery itchy eyes, headaches, congestion and would be very sluggish. I started taking over the counter medications (allerest, sudafed, sinutabs, etc.) for relief. I would wake up sneezing and go to bed sneezing. Every day I would have to take some type of medication in order to function. The medication helped for a while but they would make me very tired during the day and would make it hard for me to work. I then went to a medical doctor who prescribed Seldane. The Seldane helped for about two months but then I found that they did not relieve me any more. My doctor prescribed Hismanyl, which did not work, and my allergies continued through fall/winter.

“In February I went to see Dr. Rubenstein on the recommendation of a friend. I explained to how terrible I was feeling and how dependent on medication I had become just to get through the day. He examined me and told me that he would test me for food allergies. As a result, I was allergic to many foods that I was eating. He told me that I should avoid these foods and come in at least once a week for adjustments and to take the supplements that he prescribed.

 “I did not eat the foods I was allergic to and went in for my weekly visits. On only the second visit to Dr. Rubenstein, I started to see a dramatic improvement and I no longer was on any type of over the counter or doctor prescribed medication. I was no longer sneezing and had no allergy symptoms. I continued to see Dr. Rubenstein once a week and after a couple of months, I was once again able to eat the foods that I was allergic to without any type of reaction. I no longer have the allergies that I first had when I went to see Dr. Rubenstein. He cured me of my allergies and I now see once every 3-4 weeks. I really feel wonderful and even though it is Dr. Rubenstein’s job to alleviate my symptoms, I am very grateful to him for helping me feel normal once again.”

Liz Ortiz, Queens, New York

“For the past year, chiropractic has been my choice for a more natural way of health…not only for back or sports related injuries, but for general health purposes. I was someone who’d be sick at least four times a year; either a cold or flu that would debilitate me for three to four days. In the past year, I’ve been sick only twice, and both times Dr. Rubenstein adjusted me and prescribed a certain natural supplement (no prescription drugs), to which I responded dramatically…within 24 hours I was “feeling fine.”  Kinesiology…It works!”

Eric C. Groom, Brooklyn, New York

“I began seeing Dr. Rubenstein in late June for low back pain that traveled down to my ankle.   Previous Chiropractic care was of little help and after about 6 weeks of treatment with Dr. Rubenstein, I was only a little better.  At that point, Dr. Rubenstein tried a different technique and I noticed I would be improved for a day or so.  Seeing this, Dr. Rubenstein fought with my insurance company for a MRI to see if a more aggressive form of the new technique would be indicated.  The results of the MRI confirmed Dr. Rubenstein’s suspicion that I had a herniated disc, but that wasn’t all, I had 2 herniated disc’s and what is called spinal stenosis.

Dr. Rubenstein initiated the more aggressive technique utilizing a special table and within 2 treatments I had significant improvements.  The intense pain that I had for standing or walking for 15 minutes was hardly there and was now able to mow my lawn with very little repercussions.  The relief of pain has been great.

In October, I mentioned to Dr. Rubenstein that I had been experiencing heel pain especially first thing in the morning or after sitting for a long time.  He quickly diagnosed this as plantar fascitis and within one treatment I noticed significant improvement.

I am so grateful that Dr. Rubenstein did not give up on me, since the first few weeks of treatment didn’t yield much pain relief.  His perseverance and willingness to try different things until he found what would help me proved to me his dedication to helping those in need.”

Ed Truskolaski,  Westhampton  NY

“For more than 25 years I had severe problems with my neck and back.  BUT, during that time I went to numerous Orthopedists who only wanted to operate…..5 Chiropractors who tried their best but to no avail.

 A few months ago, I started seeing Dr. Craig Rubenstein, the difference in my overall well being is amazing.  I have not had pain in my neck and back almost from my first visit.  I would trust him with any health problems I have.  Even those that may not be considered typical chiropractic problems.

I travel 45 minutes from my home to see him, and have recommended him to many people”.

Ms. Glenda Weston, Levittown  NY

“Years ago, I had trouble with my back and went to several different doctors and also a couple of chiropractors.  The treatments would help temporarily and the pain would return.

 When my back bothered me a few months ago, my son urged me to try Dr. Rubenstein and I am thankful I did, for in a little over 2 months my back is so much better.  Dr. Rubenstein is also a nutritionist and has helped me overcome the side effects of medications I have to take.”

Hettie Mularkey, Medford, New York

“Recently, I had been to your office with a complaint of a crippling back pain coupled with extreme stiffness.  In recent years I’ve been to other Chiropractors who have provided care for various conditions I’ve suffered through.  I just want to tell you that since my visit last week I felt an immediate difference of increased mobility and reduced stiffness.  If fact, by the next day I could not believe the ease that I was able to move around.  I felt almost as I did before this injury.  After the next visit, I’ve felt and even greater easing of my back pain.

By far, I consider you to be the utmost professional in your field that I have ever met.  You took time to evaluate my condition by applying techniques that I have not seen used by anyone anywhere else.

I just wanted to say to you that I feel amazingly better as compared to how I felt before.

My sincerest thank you.”

Ira Mandelberg, Middle Island NY

“After being hospitalized with viral meningitis and having 3 spinal taps I was left with numbness and tingling in my left leg all the way down to my foot.

 The neurologist ran many tests and told me he didn’t know why I had this condition.

 After being treated by Dr. Rubenstein just once the numbness and tingling was at least 60% better and now I look forward to a complete recovery.”

Jim Bradley Brooklyn, NY

“Two weeks before Christmas, I had some lower back tenderness but did not think anything of it.  A week later I wound up in the emergency room at 4am as I could not move at all without severe pain.  I was given pain medication and told to contact my primary physician.  This was Saturday morning and I knew I could not reach my doctor.  Instead I called Dr. Rubenstein.  He had treated me in the past for some neck pain with good results.  Dr. Rubenstein performed a neurological evaluation(better than what was done in the ER) and was able to get me an MRI immediately.  Under his expert care, I was able to walk normally within a few days.  I think that if I had gone to an orthopedist, my recovery would have been much slower and more painful.  I’m grateful that Dr. Rubenstein is right around the corner!!”

Lorraine Sullivan, RN  NP, Medford, New York

“After being diagnosed by my family doctor with a pinched nerve because he saw arthritis in my spine, my granddaughter urged me to see Dr. Rubenstein for a second opinion and treatment.

 After a thorough examination, that my regular doctor did not do, Dr. Rubenstein determined that I was not suffering from a pinched nerve, but that the pain going down my leg was due to a muscular problem.

 After 5 treatments, I was back on the golf course feeling just great. I now tell everyone in pain to see my chiropractor, Dr. Rubenstein, for a thorough exam and diagnosis”.

Martin Spencer, 82 years old, Brooklyn, New York

“After suffering from a constant gnawing throbbing pain in my neck and shoulder, I decided to see Dr. Rubenstein on the recommendation of my good friend, Diane Smith.  The pain even kept me up at night.

 Within one week I started feeling some improvement and within 3 weeks I was feeling almost 100% better.

 I would highly recommend Dr. Rubenstein to anyone in pain.”

Rose Penwell, Medford, NY

“I did a little shoveling and then I could not straighten up.  I went to my medical doctor who gave me pain medication, which didn’t help.  Dr. Rubenstein was recommended to me, after a few visits, I am back to usual cards, bowling and walking.  While Dr. Rubenstein was treating me for my lower back, he also helped alleviate some jaw pain I was having.”

Renee Keizerstein, Medford, New York

“Nearly five years ago when I had a pain in my back that neither my medical doctor, acupuncturist or another chiropractor could figure out, I decided to see Dr. Rubenstein.  Within a few minutes of examining me, he told me the problem was where one of my ribs met my spine.  Within a few visits, the pain was gone.  Of course, I was hoping it was gone forever but now nearly five years later, it came back, so I went to see Dr. Rubenstein.  Once again, within a few visits my pain was totally gone.

 If you or anyone you know is living with any pain and would like to be pain free, do yourself a favor, give Dr. Rubenstein a call.”

Tom Segreto, Medford, NY

“I had been living with major pain in my left arm that shot straight to my neck for over a year.  Every doctor that I had gone to said either that there was nothing that they can do because they could never find the source or they said that I was making the pain up in my head and basically I should get over it.

 I was recommended to see Dr. Rubenstein by a good friend who said that he might be able to help.  Not only did he help, but he also got rid of 97% of my pain and did not make me feel like I was crazy or helpless at all as I had felt with previous doctors.  I have full use of my left arm now and I have only been seeing Dr. Rubenstein for 8 months.  He is a wonderful healer and I would be lost without him.

Also after reviewing some of my blood work, he suggested that I might have a blood sugar problem.  He ordered more blood work which proved I was pre-diabetic.  After he put me on a new diet, I have lost 30 lbs. And feel great.”

Jillian Spencer,  Brooklyn  NY

“After my chiropractor retired, I went to several different doctors.  They all lacked the qualities I had come to value.  I gave up my search; believing that the new chiropractic methods were rough and inattentive.

I was fortunate that a friend recommended Dr. Rubenstein.  Skeptical at best, I was truly surprised to find a doctor who took the time to communicate with his patients!  Requests for background information included nutrition and lifestyle descriptions.

Dr. Rubenstein considers many factors when diagnosing-he’s not “one dimensional”.  He’s also willing to use different methods of treatment if a patient is uncomfortable with a particular technique.

Dr. Rubenstein works to give his patients the maximum quality of life possible; while respecting the miracle we call the human body.”

Wendy Loewenthal,  Cutchogue, NY

“When you hear the word chiropractor you think of him/her treating only aches and pains; either your shoulders, arms or legs.

My problem is neither of the above, would you believe it’s “belching”.  And much to my surprise Dr. Rubenstein said “he can cure me” with adjustments to the body.  I told Dr. Rubenstein that my own private doctor prescribed pills, I took them for 3 days, it didn’t stop the belching.

 After 6 visits to Dr. Rubenstein I have cut down my belching by 85%, I now feel comfortable sitting in the company of family and friends and not worry about belching out loud.

Thank you Dr. Rubenstein”.

Frank Canonica, Blue Ridge Condo

“In January 2002 I became sick.  I would vomit after each of my yoga classes, have terrible pains in my belly, I was constipated and my stomach would hurt for hours after each meal.  One day I ended up in the emergency room, and decided to go and see a gastro-enterologist.  I went through a lot of unpleasant examinations, but the cause of my illness was never found.  I was put on medication for months and was feeling slightly better but would still vomit after each of my yoga classes.

One day I got tired of taking medications and started looking for another kind of healing.  A friend of a friend recommended me to Dr. Rubenstein.  During the visits, he would manipulate my stomach, and he had me take herbs and magnesium.  He recommended me to do tai chi instead of yoga since the latter might be too hard on my weak stomach.  After a month I was already feeling better.  Later he completely changed my diet; I was not to mix proteins and carbohydrates again.  I must admit that it was really hard for me to do such a thing but when I realized that my usual belly pains stopped, the diet wasn’t a problem anymore!

After a year of seeing Dr. Rubenstein, I only have one regret, I wish I had gone to see him earlier”.

Sophie Myrtil, NYC

“My brother opted to try Dr. Rubenstein because of his convenient location to Bretton Woods.  Walter was so impressed with Dr. R’s method of adjustments, that when my knee almost floored me with pain upon walking, I made an appointment.  Two adjustments later, the pain was gone along with a tingling sensation I occasionally experienced in my hands.  It may sound corny, but I call him a miracle worker.”

Lorraine & Walter Lemien, Coram  NY

“A good friend of mine recommended Dr. Rubenstein to me. She had seen him a few years prior and said that he did wonders for her. She told me that he was the best doctor in the states that she had ever been to. So I thought I would give him a try. Just like my friend, he has also done wonders for me. I came in with different types of symptoms from nosebleeds, to itchy skin, sugar imbalances, yeast infection and fatigue.  Five months later I have more energy; the nosebleeds, itchy skin, and sugar imbalances are gone; and the yeast infection has cleared up tremendously.  It’s been rewarding for me to find a Doctor that is well rounded in nutrition, chiropractic, kinesiology, and naturopathy.  I like that he spends a lot of time with his patients and only prescribes herbs or techniques.  He has shown complete dedication and commitment to my health”.

Jessica Fagonde NYC, NY

“I want to thank Craig S. Rubenstein for his expert knowledge and kind manner.

You have helped me tremendously to relieve me of my terrible pain. My life is back to normal, without pain, thanks to you. I know you will continue to help many others as much as you have helped me. How blessed I am to cross paths with you. Thanks again.”

Daniel Vivola, Medford NY

It began with a headache which gradually worsened over 3 days. My regular doctor was unable to give me an appointment any sooner than Mondays (five days away). My entire body was in terrible pain and I couldn’t wait any longer for fear I’d die before Monday. I went to the E.R. After spending 6 days and countless horrifying procedure, I was discharged with no improvement and an erroneous diagnosis of meningitis. I knew something was terribly wrong. I went to my regular medical doctor. Although she is a Doctor of Osteopathy and manipulates the joints of the body regularly, she wasn’t comfortable enough to help me when she realized that my skull wasn’t sitting on my spine correctly. She told me to see a chiropractor. In need of immediate help to reduce the excruciating pain I’ve been in for 8 days, I called my insurance company to find a nearby doctor. Dr. Rubenstein scheduled me for the same day and “put my head back on straight.” I had immediate relief and actually went dancing the next night. I could never thank him enough, but I know that his “cure” is priceless and I would see him even if my insurance didn’t cover it!

Jessica Vitarelli-Ernst Medford, NY

“Five years ago, my hand was crushed in a devastating accident. My recovery was slow and painful, and I was told that it was unlikely my progress would bring me all that close to my pre-accident state. I’ve been seeing Dr. Rubenstein for two years now, and my improvement under care has proved nothing short of remarkable. His tremendous expertise is matched only by his genuine, abiding concern for the welfare of his patients. I’m delighted to report that, through consistent adjustments, my endurance and range of pain-free motion have exceeded my wildest expectations. I never thought I’d feel this good again in my day-to-day life, and on top of that, as a musician and frequent computer user, I can’t thank  Dr. Rubenstein enough for the hope and freedom I enjoy as a result of his treatment!”

Michael Baumgarten, Syosset

I hurt my lower back severely when I was pushing my truck out of the beach sand of Robert Moses State park this summer. I could not turn in bed or get up regularly from a sitting position without a lot of pain. Sitting was the worst. And the pain exhausted me. As a former bodybuilder and a practicing professional trainer, this was one of the worst things ever. I could easily miss weeks of working out and especially not earn a living.

I have known Dr. Rubenstein for almost a decade. We have regularly referred each other clients. I was lucky enough to see him two days later. That night began my road to recovery when I felt 50% less pain during sleep. Two days later, I saw him again and with his meticulous directions of what to do and what not to do, I was almost 80% better. One week later I am almost 100% and I couldn’t stop telling my own clients how much I improved!!!!! And now, I will constantly remind them of Dr. Rubenstein whenever they mention back pain. Thank you Dr. Rubenstein for your magic hands!!!!

Robert Castillo Owner/ Trainer

I’d been suffering with a herniated disc, along with arthritis, in my neck for several years. I thought the only alternative was surgery. When it became too painful to even pick up a book or carry my purse, I called Dr Craig Rubenstein. In the three weeks since my treatment began, I’m nearly back to my old self again. It feels great to be free of pain and I know that soon I’ll be returning to my previous, more active lifestyle. Now that I know a little bit about chiropractic care and have experienced the results, it makes good sense. I don’t know why I waited so long!

Jean Branna, L.I., New York

Twice now Dr. Craig Rubenstein has brought me back from significant pain. About ten years ago, I went to him with a pinched nerve in my neck, and last summer I returned, this time quite a bit more debilitated. Able to sleep only as long as the Advil I took lasted, and so weakened by carpal tunnel syndrome that I couldn’t type or write, or open jars, slice cheese or turn a key with my right hand, I was frankly frightened by my predicament. It came suddenly and lifted slowly. But once again, Dr Rubenstein restored my health---without drugs or surgery---to such an extent that I sometimes forget the painful episode ever happened. His skill is enhanced by his professionalism and sensitivity. I recommend him without qualification.

Dorothy Irwin, New York, NY

“…I had a series of unsatisfactory experiences seeking conventional medical treatment… Before visiting Dr. Rubenstein I was having constant severe pain in my neck, back and legs due to multiple car accidents… I have felt tremendous improvement…I have not needed any anti-inflammatory or sinus pills and have thrown out the bottles…”

Baron Brown Queens, NY

I came to Dr. Rubenstein with chronic lower back and neck pain.  Dr. Rubenstein first conducted a series of tests to isolate the various causes.  He would then recommend specific exercises I should do to address each of those issues in addition to the treatments received during regular office visits.  His approach incorporates the latest knowledge from both modern Western medicine (anatomy, including osteology and neurophysiology, etc) and traditional Chinese medicine (meridians, pressure points, herbal medicine …).  In my case, that combination of treatments was very effective in dealing with not just chronic pains, but also things like external injury and flu.  Overall I think Dr. Rubenstein’s practice compliments very well with that of my primary physician, as there are host of problem or symptoms which the modern Western medicine has no effective treatment for or does not address at all in the first place.

David Ho, NYC

“How does an active, world traveler who found herself almost confined to the house because she could not stand long enough to walk any place or even apply makeup because of the unbearable pain, sit down and talk about the person she considers saved her life or at least the “quality of Life” she enjoys.  This is especially important when you consider the fact that my family and other loved ones had become resigned to the idea of pushing me around in a wheelchair for the rest of my life................a wheelchair!

To be perfectly honest, I knew nothing about chiropractors and alternative medicine and, at best was dubious about their capabilities, fool that I was.  Friends noting my condition highly recommended him and I had to make at least one visit, Thank God for good friends!  Impressed with his extensive verbal, written and physical examination before he would accept me as a patient, I never turned back.

Dr. Rubenstein warned me that it would not be easy and would take a long time; therefore I must be patient.  This was true but the benefits: I walk, travel, dance and even in moderation, wear high-heeled shoes (smile) comfortably.

The huge surprise was the additional benefit of being his patient.  He always asks about my general health so when I complained of a continual sinus problem, I was admonished for not speaking of it before.  He proceeded to make adjustments, which alleviated the problem.  This behavior has been an ongoing process with problems I haven’t associated with his practice.

The most outstanding “associated problem: which went from my dental implant specialist through four other specialists including among them, a neurologist, eye specialist, a visit to NYU, Cornell and also MRD with no success and also a great expense until I mentioned it to Dr. Rubenstein.  He gave me a “look”.  Needless to say, he made adjustments, which finally gave me relief!!!!!

I know this sounds incredible.  Sometimes I’m overwhelmed by it.  There just aren’t words to ever adequately express my high regard for Dr. Rubenstein.

Most Sincerely,

Dorothy Jackson

“I had been going to doctors for some time because I often felt as if the floor was moving up and down as I walked.  I had gone to my general practitioner, an ear, nose and throat doctor, and a neurologist.  Nothing was ever found to be wrong with me.  I was put on various courses of medications (e.g., steroids, sinus medication) but the drugs did not help.  I found Dr. Rubenstein on my health insurance website and decided to give an alternative approach a try.  Within several weeks the feeling became less frequent and within several months it was gone altogether.  Since I have been seeing him I have not had the flu or bronchitis (which both used to plague me at least once a year) and have not needed any prescription medication for any other ailment.  He is my first line of defense for health issues now.

Ellen Urell, NYC

I am writing to thank Dr. Rubenstein, thanks to his care I am living itch-free again after 5 long years. Who would have thought that I was allergic to Soy! (and all those other things he found). I find it amazing that all the dermatologists I saw for my eczema (and I saw many) would only think of prescribing different topical ointments. The common suggested I might be having an allergic reaction. How wrong they were.

Thanks for figuring it out.

Etieene Boillot, NY NY

“After working 4 days at the US Open, I began to have the worst episode of low back pain I have ever had.  The pain was still there after 2 weeks; it would not go away.

I decided to see Dr. Rubenstein.  By the 6th visit, I was 90% better and now back to exercising and playing some golf”.

George Klouda, Blue Ridge Resident

It’s as simple as this. I was in pain and now I am not. My hip socket was jammed and despite reservations from well-meaning outside parties (and a few of my own) I knew that this was not something for a mainstream MD. I needed a good yank. My own reservations were based on some past experiences with chiropractors.

Dr. Rubenstein, however, is also a naturopathic physician with both the know how and equally as important, the ethical standards to do the right thing. On my initial visits, he did not give the requisite “Yank” that I was expecting. He knew that my body was not ready for that. Instead he employed various methods of muscle testing, muscle balancing and used an instrument called a percussor. It was not an overnight process (what legitimate thing is?). There was certainly no mention of surgery at any point. As I said, I was in pain and now I am not!

Lynne Adams

After being Craig’s client for many years, I can’t imagine dealing with ant health problem without his help and insight. I seek his treatment for everything from a backache to the flu.

But Craig Rubenstein is not just a medical provider-he’s a healer. His curative methods, holistic perspective, willingness to listen, and respectful attitude stands in stark opposition to the MDs that I know.

Further, Craig has an indomitable spirit and sense of humor; he’s a pleasure to be around.

Diane Rubino NYC, NY

“After a month of lower back pain that went into my buttocks, I decided to see Dr. Rubenstein.  I started to improve after just one visit and after 6 visits I was nearly 100% better.  I am even back on the golf course!”

Sol Kurek, Blue Ridge resident

“I was referred to Dr. Rubenstein by a physical trainer.  During the course of my gym workouts I began experiencing stiffness in my back.  X-rays revealed (3) fused vertebrate of the spine.  Dr. Rubenstein began a series of treatments that were designed to align my spine and provide better flexibility to my neck and back muscles.  Within 6 sessions there was a significant improvement in my flexibility and I stopped experiencing back problems both during and after my workouts.  In addition to his Chiropractic skills Dr. Rubenstein provided me with a sensible diet and vitamin & mineral supplements that have helped me to keep my weight, cholesterol and blood pressure under control.  His skills have helped me tremendously and I highly recommend his services”.

Thomas Mueller,NYC

“How wonderful to speak with you the other day!!!   It certainly brought back fond memories of our care and treatment for my son, Ryan, all those many years ago.  When I think of how sick he was as a young boy and how you not only changed his life, but also, quite frankly, saved his life, I will be forever grateful.  Your diagnosis, expertise and sincere concern for his well-being and health is something I will never forget and is the reason I strongly (and constantly!!) recommend you.

Again, it was a pleasure to have that little “chat” with you and I appreciate and thank you for all that you did for my family”.

Maryann McGrath,   Brooklyn,  NY

Check out our reviews from our satisfied patients!

"Great experience. I would highly recommend him."

Tracey G.
Submitted 05/06/19

"Truly wants to help his patients, good bedside manner."

Kaitlin P.
Submitted 03/21/19

"Dr. Craig took time to figure out what exactly was going on with my back (there were a lot of issues) and resolved them all. I’d recommend him to anyone!"

Nicole L.
Submitted 02/01/19

"This was my first visit. Dr. R was recommended by a friend. My visit was thorough and in-rushed and I left feeling well taken care of and am already feeling better a day later."

Jessie D.
Submitted 02/01/19

"I never went to a Chiropractor and was always skeptical. Very surprising to me was that I could be put in physical positions that would take a spine pain that hurt to the touch and relieve it! The work we are doing is to, in my words, adjust the problem area so that my issues are relieved. Doc Craig's methodical approach is thoroughly explained as we step through the process. And of course, even though we are early in the process, I am seeing relief with my pain issue! Very encouraged!"

Robert D.
Submitted 11/16/18

"I had a lot of pain throughout my legs and upper body. I have been seen by many doctors and specialists for treatment and have had no success. I decided to give Dr. Rubinstein a try and turns out was the best decision I made. I felt so much improvement after just 1 visit."

Adam S.
Submitted 11/06/18

"Dr. Rubenstein has helped me with many health problems over the past 10 years, from back and neck problems to insomnia. He is skillful, knowledgeable and caring. I highly recommend him. His office manager Denise is also very caring and goes out of her way to be helpful."

Mary Ann B.
Submitted 04/11/18

"It is a privilege to share that as a result of treatment under Dr.Rubenstein's care that I am well. I met Dr.Rubenstein D.C. 20 yrs ago. He has effectively and generously helped through many health challenges throughout the years. The scope of his knowledge of Applied Kinesiology and care is way beyond that of regular chiropractic skills. I have recovered under his care from Ileocecal Valve Syndrome, and most recently he has treated me successfully on my climb back to health from an insect bite that affected my balance and ability to walk. Thank You Dr. Craig Rubenstein for helping me regain my health & my quality of life. Forever in Appreciation Patty Alessi RMT, CTBF."

Patty A.
Submitted 04/10/18

"Very nice and knowledgeable."

Robert N.
Submitted 04/07/18

"Expert care that includes reflexology and chiropractic adjustment. Low impact, effective and compassionate care."

Margaret F.
Submitted 03/26/18

"As a patient for over 15 years, I can’t say enough good about Dr. Rubenstein. From sciatica to concussions, and tennis elbow to food allergies, he has helped us through it all. There is no one I trust more with the health and well being of my entire family."

Laurie N.
Submitted 03/25/18


Mariann M.
Submitted 03/25/18

"Dr. Rubenstein is a very caring and compassionate doctor who is extremely knowledgeable and determined to address and alleviate pain. He is very unique because he takes the necessary time and effort to really help whatever the problem may be. I highly recommend him."

Susan T.
Submitted 03/24/18

"Dr. Rubenstein is a wonderful and caring physician. I have been going to him for many years. His knowledge of applied kinesiology along with his chiropractic skills makes him am excellent choice if you really want to get better."

Frances C.
Submitted 03/24/18

"Dr. Rubenstein recently treated me for a foot condition as an alternative to cortisone shots or surgery. I could not be happier with his treatments and recommend him."

Ellen R.

"Dr. Rubenstein is extremely knowledgeable and has treated me for multiple issues including muscular/ nerve pain. I highly recommend going to see Dr. Rubenstein!"

Tara B.

"I have used Dr. Rubenstein's services for several years and am completely satisfied with the effectiveness of his treatments."

William B.

"I highly recommend Dr. Craig Rubenstein as a chiropractor and applied kinesiologist. I am grateful to Dr. Rubenstein for resolving a whole range of...pain issues."

Google User

"Dr. Rubenstein is a doctor that has tremendous skill combined with sincere compassion for his patients."

Google User

"I've known Dr. Rubenstein for over 20 years. He uses applied kinesiology and acupressure, which treats the whole body."

Google User

"I have had digestive issues for many years. Dr. Rubenstien has an adjustment that he does that helps with the chronic pain."

Elizabeth M.

"Dr. Craig Rubenstein helped me through two major stress-related crises. I'm extraordinarily grateful for his calm and thoughtful presence."

Tracy M.

"Dr. Rubenstein recently treated me for a foot condition that was causing me extreme pain for about a year. One treatment and I am considerably better."

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