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Your neck has a big job, and if it doesn't work right, your entire body gets thrown off, which can result in stiffness, pain, and limited movement. To end your neck pain, visit Craig S. Rubenstein DC, DACBN, CCN in New York City or Medford, Long Island. As a skilled chiropractor and applied kinesiology expert, Dr. Rubenstein uses various therapeutic interventions to help relieve pain from sports injuries, chronic conditions, or disc problems. Call or book online to get started with a personalized consultation today.

Neck Pain Q & A

What causes neck pain?

Several factors can contribute to neck pain. In most cases, the pain is the result of a disc injury, a muscular problem, or postural or ergonomic imbalances. r

Tiny vertebrae in the neck contain very sensitive nerve endings. If a vertebral disc is bulging, herniated, or “pinching” a nearby nerve, you may experience pain that radiates through your neck, and even into your shoulder and arm. In some cases, numbness, tingling, or deep aches accompany the pain.

Underlying muscular problems such as trigger points, or hard knots, can also cause neck pain; in other cases, faulty brain signaling cause imbalances in the neck muscles. Neck pain is often associated with other problems, like migraines or headaches, as well.

Should I see a doctor for neck pain?

Some people tolerate chronic neck pain, believing it’s a normal response to tension or stress. While the occasional bout of pain is common, it’s essential to have your neck pain evaluated, primarily if you’ve ever sustained an injury or your neck pain or lack of mobility worsens over time.

How is neck pain treated?

It’s important to understand all the underlying factors related to your condition to provide the most effective treatment. That's why Dr. Rubenstein evaluates the exact location of your pain and determines its cause.

Dr. Rubenstein customizes your treatment plan to meet your unique needs. He uses a multi-modal protocol to protect and strengthen the health of your neck and spine.

Your treatment plan may include applied kinesiology techniques, like muscle testing, functional neurological treatments, chiropractic adjustments -- like sacro occipital technique or subtle forms of decompression -- and more.

The goal of treatment is to balance your entire body’s muscular system while using clinical nutrition and the balancing of acupuncture circuits to promote pain relief and healing. Dr. Rubenstein also educates patients about their healing to ensure continued relief, health, and wellness.

If you have neck pain and are looking for relief, call the office or book an appointment online today.