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"I am writing to express my sincere thanks for the help you have given me in the past three weeks. After more than two years of going through gall bladder tests and taking Zantac, Caufate, Dannatol and Libeox, I still couldn’t get relief. After your examination and working on the area I have had such relief. I can honestly say I’d have never believed that I’d feel this way again. Now I sleep all night without waking up with that awful feeling in my stomach.”

- Mrs. Tachine, Staten Island, NY

“Last January I  became very sick and unable to hold down food without vomiting.  After suffering with this condition for almost a month I finally decided that this was lasting too long to be a lingering stomach flu and I began my long, fruitless journey to the doctors to try to find out what was wrong.  The doctor was convinced that from the symptoms I  described, it was a stomach ulcer.  When a blood test for H-pylori bacteria came out negative, I was sent for an endoscopy, which also came out negative for ulcers.  What happened next was quite an eye opener for me about the limits traditional medicine.  Having been unable to prove the initial diagnosis of an ulcer(because it wasn’t), it suddenly became “functional” which was never really explained to me but I think is a catch all phrase for “we have no idea….and it’s probably all in your head anyway”.  I was given Paxil, an antidepressant, which I was told would work with my body chemistry to fix the vomiting.  What I wasn’t told was that vomiting and dizziness are major side effects of Paxil, and given that I was at this point barely able to stand up from near starvation from not holding food down, the Paxil took a terrible toll on my body.  After just one day on it my husband found me passed out, face down in our hallway where I had blacked out and fainted after a bad vomiting episode, needless to say, I never took Paxil again.  Now the response from the doctors was “Well if you won’t take the medicine we’re giving you to get better, how can we possibly help you?”…  When an old friend recommended Dr. Craig Rubenstein to me I was skeptical but I was also desperate for someone to help me.  The quality of my life was  drastically compromised by the weakness, the constant stomach pain, the embarrassment of needing to throw up all the time(sometimes in public) and the fear of eating anything at all because digestion was such a painful ordeal.  Well, Dr Rubenstein not only helped me, but he helped me right away. After my first session with him I felt better for the first time since I had been sick and when I got home I started to cry because I was so happy and relieved now that I had finally found someone who was taking me seriously and was going to take my sickness on and help me heal. Dr. Rubenstein didn’t make me “prove” to him that I was sick, he believed me right off the bat, and he treated me with respect, what I never got from the traditional medical doctors.  Now I’ve been going to him for almost six months and my stomach functions almost as well as it had before I got sick and I’m able to enjoy my life again.  I would recommend Dr. Rubenstein to anyone who is looking to improve their health… Dr. Rubenstein is truly a healer.”

- Rose Seeman, Brooklyn,  NY

“Over the past few years I have seen Dr. Rubenstein for a number of problems. When I first visited him it was for serious digestive problems that began after taking tetracyclin. My medical doctor’s suggestions were not helping so I consulted Dr. Rubenstein. In a short period of time I was feeling much better and on the rare occasion that I have some digestive complaints I make an appointment and usually we are able to resolve the problem in one visit. At one point Dr. Rubenstein told me that it appeared that I was having ovary problems so I checked it out and sure enough I had problems with both ovaries. Dr. Rubenstein was able to help me with the cystic ovary but the other required surgery. He has also helped me manage my hiatal hernia without needing medication. Of-course I have had some pain problems that he has also helped me with in short periods of time. I would suggest him to anyone with health concerns especially if medical options aren’t working well or if you just prefer a natural approach.

- Fran Cody, Nesconset  NY

"Since you have been treating me for a yeast infection, the heavy discharge that I had been experiencing has completely disappeared. Also, I notice that I am no longer as fatigued as I have been when the infection was rampant in my system. Thank you for all that you have done to remedy this uncomfortable condition."

- Barbara C. Baster, Queens, New York

“I had been living with major pain in my left arm that shot straight to my neck for over a year.  Every doctor that I had gone to said either that there was nothing that they can do because they could never find the source or they said that I was making the pain up in my head and basically I should get over it.

I was recommended to see Dr. Rubenstein by a good friend who said that he might be able to help.  Not only did he help, but he also got rid of 97% of my pain and did not make me feel like I was crazy or helpless at all as I had felt with previous doctors.  I have full use of my left arm now and I have only been seeing Dr. Rubenstein for 8 months.  He is a wonderful healer and I would be lost without him.

Also after reviewing some of my blood work, he suggested that I might have a blood sugar problem.  He ordered more blood work which proved I was pre-diabetic.  After he put me on a new diet, I have lost 30 lbs. And feel great.”

- Jillian Spencer,  Brooklyn  NY

“In January 2002 I became sick.  I would vomit after each of my yoga classes, have terrible pains in my belly, I was constipated and my stomach would hurt for hours after each meal.  One day I ended up in the emergency room, and decided to go and see a gastro-enterologist.  I went through a lot of unpleasant examinations, but the cause of my illness was never found.  I was put on medication for months and was feeling slightly better but would still vomit after each of my yoga classes.

One day I got tired of taking medications and started looking for another kind of healing.  A friend of a friend recommended me to Dr. Rubenstein.  During the visits, he would manipulate my stomach, and he had me take herbs and magnesium.  He recommended me to do tai chi instead of yoga since the latter might be too hard on my weak stomach.  After a month I was already feeling better.  Later he completely changed my diet; I was not to mix proteins and carbohydrates again.  I must admit that it was really hard for me to do such a thing but when I realized that my usual belly pains stopped, the diet wasn’t a problem anymore!

After a year of seeing Dr. Rubenstein, I only have one regret, I wish I had gone to see him earlier”.

- Sophie Myrtil, NYC

“A good friend of mine recommended Dr. Rubenstein to me. She had seen him a few years prior and said that he did wonders for her. She told me that he was the best doctor in the states that she had ever been to. So I thought I would give him a try. Just like my friend, he has also done wonders for me. I came in with different types of symptoms from nosebleeds, to itchy skin, sugar imbalances, yeast infection and fatigue.  Five months later I have more energy; the nosebleeds, itchy skin, and sugar imbalances are gone; and the yeast infection has cleared up tremendously.  It’s been rewarding for me to find a Doctor that is well rounded in nutrition, chiropractic, kinesiology, and naturopathy.  I like that he spends a lot of time with his patients and only prescribes herbs or techniques.  He has shown complete dedication and commitment to my health”.

- Jessica Fagonde NYC, NY

I have been a patient of Dr. Craig Rubenstein and treated successfully for numerous issues in the past.  In my mid 40’s though, extreme hot flashes, night sweats and irritability really started to take a toll on me. After a thorough examination by Dr. Rubenstein he suggested I try certain herbal supplements for relief.    I was thrilled to try something natural, as I am opposed to hormones and side effects that usually follow.  Within hours of taking the first pill, I had already started to feel less irritable, and I did not wake up in the middle of that night in a pool of my own sweat, which was becoming a regular occurrence.  I continue to take this supplement on an “as needed” basis, and it works."

- Sincerely,

Diana P Long Island NY

I came to see Dr. Rubenstein because I was having lower back pain and sciatica and after examining me he found that it was hormonally related and prescribed a particular iodine procedure which over a period of time eliminated the sciatica, but also eliminated the cyst on my ovary that seem to be the underlying culprit.

Dr. Rubenstein has treated me and my family for nearly two decades. I can’t imagine where we’d be without him. I recommend him to everyone!

- L. Nigro Long Island, NY

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