Seasonal Allergies and the role of Applied Kinesiology

In case you are not familiar with applied kinesiology, it was a diagnostic and treatment system developed by one of my greatest mentors, Dr. George Goodheart, beginning in 1964. Applied kinesiology or AK, sometimes called kinesiology, utilizes manual muscle testing as a window into the body and mind. Each muscle in the body has been found to relate to a different acupuncture circuit, because of this, it has become a great tool to understand the way the body functions and the best ways to treat it.


In regard to seasonal allergies, AK can be used to help determine the particular offenders to the immune system. As you know, some people are sensitive to tree pollen or grass pollen, while others may be mostly sensitive to mold or other environmental irritants. Although, the immune system should not be overly reactive to any of these naturally occurring particles, somehow a sensitivity has been developed. Whether it is stinging or watery eyes, sneezing, sinus congestion, runny nose, breathing difficulties etc., seasonal allergies can make you miserable. Different practitioners utilizing kinesiology, will treat the patient differently once the particular offenders are found, but in general, there are usually particular nutrients or other types of supplements that are found to “negate“ the weakness these offenders cause and the patient will be instructed to take one or more supplements. Many practitioners will also “treat“ the patient in relation to the offenders. This can be done in many different ways, from the use of acupressure points or acupuncture to other hands on treatments that typically impact the acupuncture system.


The goal of any allergy treatment whether it be holistic or medical is to calm down the immune system in such a way that it no longer reacts to these natural particles that we all breathe in. The beauty of AK is that specific supplements and hands on treatments can be tailored to each individual patient, as opposed to one supplement or one medication fits all.


At times, some patients may need a much more in-depth treatment protocol that involves clearing any “dysbiosis“. Dysbiosis in simple terms, relates to the digestive system having an imbalanced flora, sometimes called the microbiota or microbiome. Often times, people will have an overgrowth of bad bacteria, parasites, fungi etc., that is disturbing the homeostasis of the gut. When this is the case, myriad problems can occur in the body, but allergies may often be one of the results. In these patients a protocol specific to the individual must be developed by the practitioner and the protocol is made much more precise by the use of applied kinesiology. AK can help find the exact nutrients, herbs, supplements that you need to clear the dysbiosis and take a significant burden off of your body. At that point, it is much easier to work to clear the seasonal allergies.


Reverend Bruce Nathan sums it up well…


“I have been plagued with allergies for twenty years until you started treating me. Before your treatments I managed my allergies with mostly over the counter antihistamines and sometimes prescription drugs such as Hismanal, Seldane, and Claritin. While these would help if I took them daily, at times no amount could control the sneezing and watery eyes”.

“For two years you treated my allergies. After the first month they were under control using the supplements you supplied. Last year I didn’t require any supplements or treatments. Thus far this year I have been symptom free as well.”

“I whole heartedly recommend you to any people I know who are suffering from allergies. Some have been receiving allergy shots for years and others try the prescription drugs. While some are slow to try something different, I am certain they would experience the same type of results that I did and would be better off than they are currently”.

Reverend Bruce A. Nathan, Long Island, New York


Of course, every person is different. Some response amazingly fast, some need the more in-depth treatment to clear the dysbiosis to calm the immune system. This can take a minimum of three months or as much as a year. Some people will always need to take some supplements to support the work, while others won’t. If you’re sick and tired of seasonal allergies and want a natural approach, please call the office to discuss your particular case.



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