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Specialty Lab Testing

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Specialty Lab Testing:

Saliva Testing for Hormone levels/Adrenal Function
Saliva testing can reveal a tremendous insight into the current state of the human body; in many cases, even more than blood. It also requires no needles, no pain, and no invasive means of gathering samples. Salvia provides detail on hormone levels and adrenal function that otherwise can’t be detected through blood testing alone.Using saliva testing, we are able pinpoint any issues that my lie within your hormone and adrenal production-- the impact of which could be cause for numerous chronic conditions, including  anxiety, obesity, stress, diabetes, depression, fatigue, and insomnia.  Once we uncover any underlying hormonal or adrenal cause through saliva testing, an effective means of treatment can be determined.

Food Allergy and Tolerance Testing
Food allergies and food intolerance can have a serious effect on day-to-day life, and without thorough understanding of the cause of your condition, managing the effects can be extremely difficult, costly and even life-threatening. Through food allergy and tolerance testing, triggers and physical responses related to your diet can be identified and subsequently managed with dietary intervention. Food allergy and tolerance testing pinpoints food triggered immune responses to substances like nuts, wheat, dairy and shellfish, and helps patients who experience skin reactions like hives, respiratory upset, digestive problems and even anaphylaxis. While not based in immune response, food intolerance can be an underlying cause or contributor to numerous digestive disorders and chronic ailments including migraines, fatigue, joint pain, dermatological problems and behavioral issues. Testing for potential food intolerance and according modification of diet can provide patients with lasting relief and greater understanding of how their bodies function.

Digestive Stool Analysis
Completed through comprehensive microscopic examination, digestive stool analysis provides insight into the patient’s digestive processes, particularly as they relate to nutrient absorption, presence of microorganisms; including beneficial gut flora and harmful parasites, and the overall colonic environment. Acute and chronic bowel issues, sensitivity and patterns that affect digestion and absorption can potentially be identified through stool analysis.  Panel results are then used to direct plans for dietary intervention, as well as treatment and management of many digestive conditions.