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Dietary Intervention

Concussion Care


Dietary Interventions For:

Blood Sugar Problems
Blood sugar problems from hypoglycemia to diabetes can be addressed through specialized dietary intervention.  By assessing and analyzing blood glucose levels, a plan for what you eat and when you eat can be developed to help you manage conditions that stem from blood sugar problems and control subsequent symptoms.

Candida, or yeast, is a natural flora that’s found in every human body, although problems can occur when candida levels exceed normal range. Internal candida population can be modified and controlled through detoxification, diet and probiotic assistance. Candida/yeast dietary intervention is focused on balancing good bacteria that keeps yeast blooms in check and eliminates the many symptoms that result from candida imbalance.

Weight Loss
For weight loss to occur, a caloric burn must be greater than a caloric intake, and there are many root causes that can interfere with this process.  Stubborn weight loss, while common, may be due to any number of problems that can be identified through metabolic testing and dietary analysis.  Suborn weight loss can be overcome through the use of dietary intervention, as well as essential lifestyle changes that we can help you manage.

Auto Immune Diseases
The body’s immune response is greatly affected by nutrition, and those with an auto immune disease can experience issue with any number of food based triggers, even if they don’t seem directly related to the problem.  Vitamins, gluten, lactose, glucose and numerous other individual substances can play an important role in auto immune responses. The trouble is pinpointing the unique auto immune triggers so that improper responses can be minimized and controlled. This can be accomplished through precision dietary analysis and subsequent dietary intervention.